2004年ドイツの出版社Die Gestalten Verlagから出版されたSonic-Visuals forMusic、2005年illusive、2006年Play Loud!!に作品が大きく掲載され、2008年には「世界のペインター100人」に選ばれ、ドイツのデザイン出版社taschen タッシェンIllustration Now vol.2に作品が紹介される。


He was born in 1976 in Shiga, Japan and now based in Yokohama.
He started his carrier as a painter in 1996.
His art works, which are influenced by minority cultures and music, are lively, passionate and highly evaluated in different parts of the world. His works that we can see especially in his live painting performances and various music CD jackets are most popular forms of his art, and he has been offered various shows not only in Japan but also in different cities and countries such as New York, London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Kenya, Jordan, and Jamaica.
Also, in his carrier, he has achieved to tie up with famous companies and brands such as PUMA, KIRIN, KFC, and a Spanish building company for various forms of arts and designs. His works were often appeared in German magazine articles such as “Sonic-Visuals for Music” in 2004, “Illusive” in 2005, “Play Loud!!” in 2006. In addition, his works were presented in the German design publisher, Taschen’s “Illustration Now” vol.2 in 2008.
One of his recent shows was in 2011, when he was officially invited to South Africa for Zindzi Mandela (Nelson Mandela’s daughter)’s fiftieth birthday event. At his live painting performance, his art is improvised with his feeling, but is always dynamic and inspires people beyond the borders, races, and social standings.

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