2012年8月に1stアルバム『SIDE 2 SIDE』をリリースし、
iTunes “BEST NEW ARTIST”(Reggae部門) を受賞。

リリース後は自身の活動だけでなく、フィーチャリング楽曲、アーティストコラボレーション、また自主レーベルnatural vibes recordsを立ち上げ、精力的に活動している。

2013年12月、セルフプロデュースで制作された2ndアルバム『SUN TRACKS』を発売後、JET SET RECORDSとWネーム7inchカラー・ヴァイナル発売即SOLD OUTとなり、来たる2015年2月、旧友Hatayoungと共同制作されたアルバム「SU☆MIKA☆E」を発表。

CHAN MIKA is a Japanese singer / songwriter, born and living in Yokohama. Started to sing at nightclubs after inspiring by Hip-Hop and R&B music / street culture. Since then, she has been involved in many genre of music such as Funk, Soul, Jazz, and Reggae. Sings with her band and has played sessions with local musicians in New York, Australia and Jamaica. She has been positively active to explore more possibilities in her original music. She sung a chorus line for Rickie-G Band and she became a member of CHINZA DOPENESS & DOPEINGBAND. In 2011, CHAN MIKA won first prize in the Oasis Bob Marley Songs Day. After released her first album “SIDE 2 SIDE “in August 2012, she was selected as the “Best New Artist” on iTunes Japan’s Best of 2012 in the Reggae category.In December 2013, established her own label Natural Vibes Records and released her 2nd Album “SUN TRACKS”. In between her own work: recording and playing shows, she has featured on tracks by HOME GROWN, KINGDOM☆AFROCKS, G2、NG HEAD、What’s Love…? In summer, she came to the finalist of the ROAD TO Yokohama Reggae Festival 2013. Her live performance has been described as energetic, entertaining, touching, peaceful, and her strong warm voice fascinates the audience in a range of different settings. Her songs have been aired at broadcasts and radiostations in the nationwide. CHAN MIKA: a “Tough” and “Rough” female singer is taking the next step!

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